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I would like to let you know that I passed the test on April 12.  Thank you for all your support!.  If I decide to get the Broker license I will come back to your school to study other 5 courses.

Best regards,
Deborah Topper



I PASSED my BROKERS exam on the first try yesterday!!!! I studied the streaming videos and workbook, did the pdf practice exams, and also studied the CD module. I passed my salesperson exam on the first try as well back in 2004 with your materials, and have used all of your continuing education materials for my renewals as well. Thank you so much for always providing wonderful study material. I will continue to keep using your renewal materials and recommend you to anyone I know taking exams etc.

Here’s to Accelerated!! Cheers!!

Emily Nielsen



Hi Jeff,

I cannot believe how easy the California real estate salesperson exam was after studying from your CD for a weekend before the test.  I put in about 15 hours of study time, on labor day weekend. I did each test and if I got the answer wrong, I read the explanation given and took a few notes.  Honestly, the questions became redundant but I kept plugging through them.  When I sat down to take the exam, the day after labor day, the questions on the exam were VERBATIM to your study discs.  After about the first 10 questions I felt so confident.  I was the second person to leave the testing site after 1 hour and 40 minutes.  Thank you for all you do.

P. Hayden
Las Vegas, NV 



Subject: I passed!

Thank you so much for creating this program! After months and months of studying another school's course materials and not retaining knowledge, your program had what it took to give me the confidence to pass the much anticipated salesperson exam after less than 2 weeks of studying your coursework. I really hope your school will still be around when I decide to become a broker! I will definitely recommend your school to everyone who wants to succeed on real estate exams! THANK YOU SO MUCH, JEFF!!!!
Lorraine, San Diego   


Hi Jeff @ Accelerated Real Estate Schools! 
I just wanted to thank you for helping me pass my broker's exam today.    I used the video lecture course.

Thanks Again!  Jimmy V Vuong    Southern California


> Jeff,
> Thank you for the curriculum which helped me pass the broker's exam on  the first try. After studying your materials, I was confident in  taking the test and recommend your program to anyone interested in  becoming a broker!
> Jeff A. Stone, 



Hi Jeff I passed the first time.. Your Streaming Class was right on and the Online Mr Study helped a lot too.  It's on with my career!  Thanks again.. A. Clary 


I took your exam prep online with the study books at home and I wanted to say the class and books helped me SO much! I went and took the test and PASSED! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had taken the test 2 times before your exam prep online class and failed. I am a true believer in the program.

Thank you again,

Christy Latta     


Hi Jeff,   This is Katrina Benitez, I took the live class with you last month. Just wanted to let you know I passed the test!! I have 3 interviews this week with Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker and Century 21!Thanks for all the help!  

Hi Jeff

I passed the salespersons exam the 1st time!

The course materials you supplied pushed me thru.   I used the Mr. Study CD"s, which put me in the exam mode, all the quiz questions set me up 

for a win.  I did all the quiz questions twice, so I breezed thru the exam.  

I will continue with your courses for all my continuing education.

Keep up the good work.

Deborah Martone

 Los Angeles California  


Hello Jeff,

Just wanted you to know that I passed my salesperson recently! I went

to San Diego (scantron test by the way) and waited in the lobby on the

day of the exam...I started getting nervous because I over-heard a lot

of people telling each other that it was their second, third time

taking the exam. I don't know how I did it but passed on my first try!

CD's really helped a lot.. I'm just glad that I can put that behind me and focus on making money


Thank you!

Ray Lopez    Southern California


Just wanted to let you know I passed the Broker exam on the first try.


Rick Pendleton       

Director of Operations
Granite Peak Management

Hi Guys!

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my brokers exam on my first try!  Thanks again for all you help, all the material you provided were exactly what I needed to pass the exam, and it was a tough one too!   Faruq Jurjis 


Hello Jeff,

I passed the Broker test FIRST time.

It was tough, but with all of the preparation from the CD's and cram course really helped me get thru it.

I am so glad that I used both systems together.

They really helped me to reinforce the information.

I used the CD's about 1 month ahead of the class.

Then took the cram course 1 week ahead of the actual test. (per your advice)...

The CD's really got me into the testing mode.

The cram course was packed with info and helped reinforce the CD. (and visa versa).

There is no way I would have passed if I was just reading text books.

There is way to much info to take in.

The CD's and course get straight to the point.


Thanks again for helping.

Chuck Davis   Southern California


How are you Jeff?
I passed the Broker exam.  I finished with at least 30-40 minutes to spare for each AM and PM sessions.
The study material is great ( Internet Streaming Exam Prep Course).  It makes the broker exam so easy to pass. 
Thanks and Happy Holidays

Steven Shaw        Southern California

Dear Jeff,

 I just wanted to send this e-mail thanking you for all your support in helping me pass the salesperson exam for my real estate license!!!!! I've taken the exam a few other times without success, finally after taking Accredited Real Estate Schools Southern California Exam Prep 2 Weekend Course with you I was able to pass with flying colors!!!! I must say it was the way your school teaches the class is how it all happened. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darryl Young ,  Corona,  California  



Your program did the trick! I was able to pass the Salesperson exam and the Broker exam on the first try. Loved this because the DRE raised the license fees right after I passed. Your materials are high quality and easy to understand. I took your Internet streaming course and used the Mr. Study CD's for both tests and they were accurate. Some of the examinees I took the test with were on their second and third attempt to pass the Broker's exam using other schools or materials. You are doing something right! Keep up the good work.


Lakewood, Ca.



Hi Jeff,

Sorry for not checking in with you and staying on top of this project and the postcard project.  I was studying for my brokers exam which I passed about a week and half ago!  First try under your program!

Thanks Again  David in  Corona

Subject: I PASSED!!


Dear Accelerated Real Estate Schools ,
Thanks Jeff !!~ so much for everything. I passed my salesperson exam and everything you taught in the Exam Prep Class was right on the money! Kudos. It's the best money I ever spent...except on shoes!




The materials prepared me for the test far better than I thought they would. I felt that I knew the questions before they were asked. The first couple of questions threw me, but as I got further into the test the answers just jumped out at me. I passed the test and felt totally prepared because of all the study and time spent pouring over the materials. Thank you very much!


Harry Haun

Riverside, CA


Dear Jeff,
I just wanted to let you know I passed my Real Estate Salesperson Exam. If it wasn't for your program, I know I would have had to take the exam again. I purchased your cram course and it was totally worth it. I also wanted to let you know the CD I purchase from you helped me so much. I had taken my Principals, Practice and Finance course with another company and purchase their Cram Course. Well needless to say that is why I came to your company and paid again and took your cram course. Wow what a difference. I promise to recommend you and your company to everyone I know. I was so worried about failing the test because so many people told me that they had to take it 2 and 3 times in order to pass it and I did it the first time! Once again thank you so much.
Sandi Hensley  Corona/Norco





Accelerated Real Estate Schools trained me to learn more of what is there to know about being a real estate broker.  Thanks to Jeff and accelerated real estate schools  I passed my broker exam. The course targets most of the questions that I found on the actual exam.  So I was ready for it.  I recommend it to anybody who is considering becoming a CA real estate broker.  Thanks Jeff.  Love the Hair!  Rock ON!

Tony Vartan Achabahian



Thank you for all your help you guys made it easy for me to pass the test, I studied what you suggested

& it worked.

BTW the CD is great most of the questions are the same.

Thank you


Ara Akmakjian      



Hi Jeff,

I wanted to express my gratitude to you, your school, and your teaching methods. Not only I learnt a whole lot about Real Estate in California, but also managed to smoothly navigate through the broker’s state exam and pass it.

I am going to refer all the potential examinees that come my way, to your school for their ultimate benefit.

You guys are AWESOME and the BEST.

Thanks a lot,

Yeghisheh M.     Glendale Ca.







  Thanks for the Real Estate Salesperson course that you gave in March, just to let you know I passed the first time on 4/5!  It was exactly what you said it would be like. I followed your directions and it was a breeze.  You are the best instructor I have ever had on any subject.  I know it must have been a lot of work but just to let you know I really did appreciate it.  I would recommend Accredited Real Estate Schools to anyone who wanted to make Real Estate a career. Patrick M

Hi Judy, I took the Test on Monday the 26th and I Passed! Thanks  Marji C.

Hi Judy, I Passed  on the first try, I took the Test on Thursday the 22nd of March, Thanks for the Great Info!

Greg A  

Accredited Real Estate Schools Southern California was instrumental in helping me pass the Broker's exam.  They offer an exceptional level of support, and the course work they provided was put together extremely well.  I highly recommend their service.  Thanks again Jeff for all your help!!

Michael Stark,


 To All,Just learned I Passed the Salesperson Real Estate Exam. Thank you for all your support for achieving this goal. I'm off to sell homes.

Jeff, I want to let you know that I successfully passed the state exam. After taking your four (4) weekend program in Corona, Ca and with some home study materials That I was able to get from Accredited Schools I was able to pass the test in a six (6) week span from the start of the first class to the State Exam date. I thank you for providing me with the tools to accomplish this. I have suggested to others to take your class, and I am sure the will. My Step daughter has taken the State exam 6 times from other school materials and still has not passed!!!! Again Thanks!!! LP   (Riverside County)

Subject: PASSED!!!!!

Judi, I Want to thank you for all the help you gave me to pass the test. My wife and I are taking the kids out tonight to celebrate. This was not an easy process, but it is worth it. Thank You for everything. You are a wonderful teacher and Mentor.

C P,  Oak Hill Mortgage  Sacramento

Thank you Jeff and Diane!

Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how thankful I am for your help in getting me prepared for the Real Estate Salesperson Exam. 

Your preparation and advice has really paid off.  I passed the state exam on the first try.  I was very happy with your prep program that I have referred some friends to your service.

Thanks again!

Carissa C. M.   Huntington Beach


To: Accredited,

It sounds hard to believe, but I finally passed the salesperson State exam. I've Studied on my own and I took 3 CRASH course classes and felt it was not all that helpful. So I went to Accredited Real Estate Schools and took  the In-house Streaming class prior to taking my State Exam. The day I took the exam I felt confident I was really ready to pass, And of course I DID!.... YEAH!! :>)  Marcus -  Pico Rivera


A couple months ago I decided I wanted my Real Estate License. I didn't even know where to start. I surfed the web and came across the school . I signed up for their exam prep and home study principles courses. I read the entire principles book and went the exam prep classes. The classes were so convenient, only twice a week for a couple of hours each time. I studied for the exam for a couple of weeks with the material they had provided for me. I was very nervous when I got the exam room in downtown Los Angeles, but once the exam started I whizzed through all the questions. It was like the answers just popped into my head. I was the first person done with the exam. Five days later I called the automated exam results phone line and found out I passed. After that I took the online real estate principles exam through the school  and passed in thirty minutes with a score of 78%. I am now signed up to take Real Estate Practice, Real Estate Law and a live loan officer class. I just wanted to thank Accredited Schools for all of their help, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have passed the state exam.

Thanks ,

Tyler C.  Laguna Niguel


To Accredited:   My Real Estate Test Results

 I PASSED!!!!!!!

It's Adrian.... I took your Exam prep class a couple of weeks ago. I am so happy that I  passed the real estate exam. Thank you for the excellent Class!!! Just wanted you to know. thanks again.  Adrian (Sacramento)


I took the Broker Exam in Anaheim in May, I Studied your Internet Streaming Exam Preparation course along with the Broker CD-Rom (Scoring 85% and Higher on everything) and also Listened to the Audio CD. All together I put in over 60 hrs of Studying. "Thank you Accredited for all your research in helping me pass the Brokers Exam!" Great Tools!. I Recommend your programs highly! L. R.  Huntington Beach

"I've already recommended your loan class to other co-workers who want to take it. I am opening my own mortgage brokerage in a couple of months and will send all my new people to your course. You are AWESOME!" Mr. K.H.

Thanks Jeff Markell, "This is a great course for loan officers and real estate agents wanting to improve their marketing tools." Mr. R.V. 

"Education is taught from an experienced and honest tutor. Very thorough, lively and interactive. The teacher is from within the industry and are very knowledgeable with all the material. Direct, to the point answers are provided to any questions posed by the students and he even talk about scenarios to give you
real world experiences in the loan industry."
Mrs. H.R.

"I have loan books that will teach you what you need to know to pass tests. Jeff teaches you everything you need to know to be a successful loan officer in the real world. Books are boring,
Jeff M is not!"
Ms. J.P.  


Hello There,

I forget to give you the good news. I PASSED and not only

passed, it was easy. I was the first one out of the room for both sessions,

literally 45 minutes... The proctors looked at me like "yeah rite"...

I used  Broker Internet Streaming Course with the CD Exam Prep.

Thanks for your help,  I am on may way to opening up my brokerage, Good Life



Michael G.   

I found you online. Thank you for your excellent program and quick delivery of my certificates of completion,  I recommend you highly. D.Gross Santa Rosa.

Hi Bryan & Judy:  I finished the classroom section on March 8th, took the Exam Cram on March 19th and took the State Exam on March 20th and passed it.  It was SBC 501 and very difficult.  There were only 3-4 math questions and they were easy.  However, I only recognized about half the test questions and none of the names in the questions were the same.  There was no one from my class taking the test that day.  I am very glad I didn't try to go the memorize route and spent a great deal of time studying until I understood the concept.  Your class prepared my very well.  Thank you so much.  Joan Davis.


Today, I learned that I passed the Broker exam on my first try. I took your Broker Review course, and it was most helpful in covering the essential materials. The great number of review questions and answers were excellent. It was a long journey through the eight courses and final exam.
Thank you,
Richard J. Roth Jr.
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

TO:Jeff @  Accredited Real Estate Schools I Passed My Brokers Test!

Thanks for all your help!
"In a panic 2 weeks away from my Broker's test, I realized that I was using outdated study materials. I went to my friend Jeff Heller at Accredited Real Estate Schools and bought his CD. This was a great way to prepare for the test. The material on the CD was exactly the material that I should have been studying all along. I found out yesterday that I had passed...Thanks Jeff. Jeff Markell"

Jeff M.  @ Newport Beach

This is my Testimonial about Accredited Real Estate Schools: There is no doubt in my mind, this should be the best Real Estate School in the country. I'm truly believe that I was paying too little tuition fee for such a services. The Instructor is friendly, easy to understand. And best of all, the materials given by the school, far exceed expectation. I am sure my passing score on the State exam is 99%, if not 100%. Where am I going for my BROKER license study ?....Right! .  , No doubt.

Vinny Nguyen 

System Administrator

Penn-Elcom, Inc


Because of your "Exam prep" Saturday course, I passed the Real Estate exam the first time out. Without your course I wouldn't have
Passed the first time and maybe not the second.  Your course steers you in the right direction. It tells you what you need to know to pass. It was well   worth the money. Thank you! Kimberly P.  (Whittier Class)


Dear Jeff,
Thank you so much for all of your help.  I've taken 2 other courses and they were no help to me. Your teaching method was right on target.  Your materials were completely updated and I recognized about 99% of the material on the Broker's Exam.  I wouldn't have passed without your help. Jeff, I believe that your class is the best class available for the broker's and salesperson's exam and I don't believe that any other course out there can compare to your system.
Thank you again for helping me pass.
Tony Lee , Beverley Hills, Ca.




Dear Jeff and Diane,

Thank you for a great preparation class.  I took the 13 hour internet streaming class in August, and I spent the day prior to the exam, October 6th,  reviewing the exam preparation workbook provided.  In addition, I also took the many practice test questions that I downloaded from your site, and I passed on my first attempt!  Your provided materials really made it easy to pass.   (Thank you also for answering my question about estoppel!)  I plan to take more of the required classes through your site.


Deb R.  Southern California 


To: Accredited Real Estate Schools. RE: Jeff

Thanks for the Excellent Prep Class. All your material truly to the point. I PASSED the State Board on my First Try. Keep up the good job.  GREAT CLASS.. Lous B.  Long Beach.

Hi Jeff and Diane,
I just want to thank you both for helping me pass the salesperson's test on the very first attempt!
I did the streaming course at the fountain valley location in the mornings before going to work on swing shift.  You were both very helpful and answered all my questions for me.
 I took the salesperson's exam in L.A. on September 15th and I found out that I had passed on September 16th. The test wasn't really very hard because I had been studying the text, the workbook, listening to the audio review and taking all the study module and exam module sample tests for a couple of weeks before the test. The sample tests on Mr. StudyModule were extremely helpful because they really challenged me to learn the information. I would recommend anyone who really wants to pass the test to take your course and buy the extra Mr. StudyModule CD.
Now onwards to the Real Estate Practice course!
George S. Westminster, Ca


Dear Accredited Real Estate Schools,
   I am pleased to have taken your Real Estate Principals internet  streaming class. I look forward to the exciting opportunities that lie ahead, And am happy to report that I passed the exam ,

 Thank You Angela A.


Thank you so much for simplifying my life!!  After searching websites for various schools that would allow me to take my extension courses on-line, I chose ACCREDITED because you not only supplied me with information and answers, but you were so patient to describe each course and requirements.  I don't know how you have time to be so helpful but I'm so glad you do! My on-line testing went off without a hitch because you told me what to expect and I was prepared!  Now, my husband will be enrolling to take his Sales Exam and guess which school I will be referring him to?   You are a gem!!

 With deep gratitude and appreciation,

 Carol in Pacific Grove   

To Accredited Real Estate Schools,

About 3 weeks prior to my exam date, a friend, also studying for his Broker test, showed me his copy of the Accredited CD. I immediately ordered it on-line and received it in about 3 days. took the first Study Test and was surprised at how poorly I did! I then made up a spread sheet on MS Excel with the first test number listed 3 times, and below that the 2nd test number listed 3 times and so on down and across the sheet in 4 columns. Adjacent to the test numbers were columns for Date, Test Time, and Score. I would take a test and enter the date, how long it took, and my score. Every time I repeated a test the time would be shorter and the score would improve. Typically it would take me about 29 minutes for 64% the first time, then 22 minutes for 82% the 2nd time, then 13 minutes for 92% the 3rd time and so on. After a week or so I realized I could not possibly do all the study tests and all the Test tests in time. So I rescheduled my DRE exam for May 2 and kept on studying. After the second rescheduling of the exam, to June 15, and with my scores in the high 80s and mid 90s on all tests, I got hotel reservations and departed to San Diego for the exam. It was a piece of cake! My approach was to do all the easy problems first, noting the question numbers of those I skipped on a piece of paper. I also skipped all the math problems and wrote down their numbers too. After completing all the easy ones I went back and did the ones I wasn’t sure of, many of which I had subsequently figured out the correct answer because of a similar question on the test. And finally I did all the math questions which only took a few minutes. I completed the test in about an hour and a half (2 ˝ hours allowed). So to be safe, I went back over all the questions again and changed only one answer. Time was up. Went to lunch, returned and repeated the approach for the second half of the test.

I got my results on the DRE website 2 days later. “Broker Exam: Passed”

I know that without the Accredited Real Estate Schools CD Rom I would have probably had to go back for another exam in August or so.

Another night in a hotel and several more weeks of studying!

By the way, my friend also passed on the first try!


Don B.

Broker Associate

Century 21 Cal Oaks Realty


Hello, I just wanted to let you all know that I passed my test on the first try. I would not have been able to do it without all your help and tips on how to "control the test" the one day crash course was a life saver I'm not sure if I would have passed without it. I will refer all my friends to you and I just purchased the 18 month course online to complete my lic. 
Thanks again, Shane C.


Hi Jeff,
I just wanted to tell you guys that I passed the test my first time taking it.
You guys were great and the material was great. Everything was covered, coming from a no real estate background, not understanding the concepts and lingo, I was able to pass the test with ease.
I have friends in the industry that have been doing it for years and have yet to pass their test. I'm going to recommend your school to everyone I know who is trying to get licensed and I will take the rest of the classes with you guys.
Awesome material.
I don't recommend any changes to the course because it was right on target.
 Fua Atoafa  


Hey Accredited,
Just wanted to say "thanks". I got the results of the State test back today and I passed!!! Thanks to Brian and the Streaming Exam Prep.
Class was great, time flexible and a ton of information.
Thanks again and I will be calling you for the 18 month class schedule for my conditional license.
Ron M.
Sacramento, Ca.


Hi Jeff,
I wanted to send a note and say "Thank You"
I took Accredited's online course "Real Estate Principles" and passed the Real Estate exam with ease.
Everything in the test was covered in the online course, it was a breeze.
I've referred Accredited to several of my friends and acquaintances, and will continue to do so with confidence.
Lauri A
Granite Bay 


Hi Jeff and Diane,
I passed my Broker Exam the first time taken on last Thursday, December 30, 2004. 
The helpful courses and the CD exam preparation materials make the impossible become possible!
You and Diane always provide the prompt and professional services, I truly enjoyed everything you did for me. 
My warmest thank YOU for everything!!
Best wishes,
Winnie K. 


Hi Judi,

 I PASSED the State Exam!!!!!!! I took the exam on Sat (11/20) and got the results TODAY! WOW, that was sure fast! I am so jazzed I can hardly  stand it! Thank you so much for all the excellent training - it sure paid off. There were a total of 3200 people taking the test between the morning and afternoon session at the Convention Center.

> Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

>Mindy G 

Hi Judi – took the exam Sat. morn – didn’t seem as hard as I thought it would be – My test was no. 502 and 99% of the questions were very familiar from studying. Anyway – thanks for your upbeat class – it was a great help Saturday!! Debby H.

Hi, Jeff.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I was really satisfied with the RE Principles internet streaming course that I recently completed. The course and the online exam worked great for me! I just got a RE Salesperson license and ordered the remaining two statutory courses from Accredited Schools. I would like to testify to all prospective students that all of these course are a great value and worth every buck I paid for them!    Sincerely, Russ  M.    Satisfied Customer  2004


Hello Jeff, Just want to let you know that I passed my Broker Exam the first time thanks to the courses and the CD exam preparation materials I bought from you. I will use your school for all my future courses. I am recommending someone else to register with you. Thank you for your excellent service. I have pleasant experience with you.            J Chen  

2004, Hi, This is JoAnn C. I was a student there for your Principles Class in Sacramento and your Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Practice Course. I Just wanted to let you know I Passed the State Exam the First time and to say THANK YOU to Bryan and Judy for being such great instructors. I will be back to take the Loan course. So, Thank you very much for all your help. I will be recommending your school to everyone.

Greetings from one of your successful students! I took your Sat. classes in March and April and the exam prep class on May 23. I took the state exam on Mon. June 14 (the 7:45 session) and passed! I appreciate your helpful advise. Again thank you for your help. You are a wonderful instructor. The best of luck to you in your real-estate ventures and in your teaching career! Cathy D.

Hi Judy! I Passed my Exam! Thank You! My name is Nicole S, I took your class in February 2004 my test date was was May 15th 2004 and I got my results off the website on Thursday. They tested 800 in the morning and 800 in the afternoon that was at the Sacramento Convention center. The also said that the DRE was testing 1800in  Los Angeles in the morning and 1800 in the afternoon, also San Diego was 1000 in the morning and 1000 in the afternoon.  I received my application by the next Monday after my test. I am sending it out this week. I was so happy to see that I passed and I wanted to thank you for your class it really prepared me for the test and how to to study again. The guy in front of me said he studied for only 20 hours and I told him you will not pass if you did not study for it. I put in close to 180 hours of studying so I believed I passed as soon as I walked  out, and he was still sitting there (pulling his hair out.) So, It does pay off to study all that you can because, I don't care how much you know, It is a very hard test, They really don't make it easy. I am going to work for TNT Real Estate here in Modesto. And I know I will be a great sales agent! And it all started with you. Bye for now... Nicole

Hi Jeff, I took your class in Fountain Valley. Thanks so much. I did what you said on how to study. and I did Pass! Thanks Again! Carla

Bryan Church taught my Real Estate Principles and exam prep class.  I highly recommend him to everybody who asks where they should go for training.  He was excellent!  Gail J.  

Hi, This Is Eric B. from your 1 Day Crash course I took on Dec 13th 2003 in Fountain Valley.  I took my State test on Dec 18th and I just found out I Passed and I wanted to share this with you that I am Thrilled with your Class.  Eric B.

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for everything, especially for being so responsive.  I enjoyed the Internet Streaming course. It was very convenient and easy to follow. Also, the study CD and "recent study questions" really played a very significant role in me passing, on the first try, the salesperson state exam. You were correct when you said to take the practice tests in the study material at least three times and try to get a score of 90% or higher on each test and I should pass the state exam. I successfully breezed through the exam and it was all due to your support, excellent study material and of course prayers.  I would recommend Accredited Real Estate Schools to anyone. 
Thanks again, Rena B.


Jeff and Dianne were very helpful towards getting my brokers license in my hand. All of my questions were answered, and the study materials had the information I needed to pass the exam. The broker CD was great, and easy to use. I studied their materials alone, and did not even take a weekend cram course ! Walking into the exam I felt confident I would pass the first time; which I did. I would highly recommend Accredited Real Estate Schools to anyone seeking a Salesperson or Brokers License !      Roderic S.   Orange County, Southern California


I want to thank Brian and Jeff of Accredited Real Estate Schools for their help and instruction for the California Real Estate Exam.  Without the live class I'm sure I would never have passed.  I am the type of person who does better with a live instructor and Brian's methods worked great!  I was able to pass the test on the first try.  The material we studied very closely resembled the questions on the exam and with Brian's storytelling abilities, I was able to remember a lot more than I would have if I had just studied at home. 
Thanks again guys!!!  What a relief!!!
Judy J.  9/22/03 Huntington Beach,  California.

To Accredited Real Estate Schools

Thanks......The  Internet Streaming course was great, I would recommend it to anyone!

Andrew F 

I just Wanted to thank you for the course material that prepared me for the state exam. I just passed my salesperson exam on my first try, Thanks to your Informative courses. The outline was thorough and very easy to follow. I plan to use "Accredited" for all my future courses. Great Job!

Regards Anthony M. 

I wanted to take the time to Thank You for the wonderful experience I felt when I passed my state exam the first time. Without the Internet Streaming course that I had taken with accredited schools, I really don't feel I could have done it. I was very comfortable and felt like I already knew everything just from the materials from your school. I have recommended this course to others already and will continue to do so, as this course will help everyone pass the first time.
                                           Thank You and Thank God  
                                           Kellye L   (in Westminster, Ca)


bullet To Jeff and Diane,

Thanks to your salesperson crash course I was able to pass my test on the

first try. I made the mistake of taking the principles course with a

different company and although I finished their course, I did not learn very

much at all. Without your crash course I would have definitely failed my

state exam. I can't thank you enough. The crash course really helped me and

I would recommend it to everyone before taking their state exam.

Thanks again!!!

Stacey B.  Southern California










Hello, My name is Salvador Del Real. I want to thank Accredited Real Estate Schools for a Job well done, I took my test on 3/10/03 and was so surprised it took only 45 minutes. I was so confident that I knew the material. No question was difficult that I didn't cover in the Web Streaming Course and the Materials given to me. Thanks Again,  Sal 

Hey Jeff! I passed the test the first time!! Using the Internet Web Streaming course with studying all the Practice questions and using the extra personal help  you gave me.

Thanks Again, Art F.

To Accredited Real Estate Schools and Staff,

This class is amazing. The instructor was knowledgeable, thorough and although it was fast paced, it worked. I followed my instructors recommendation that in order to pass the State Exam I had to eat, drink and sleep real estate. I signed up for the State Exam the day after completing the course and passed the test the first time. I was so prepared that I was done with the State Exam in about 46 minutes. Looking around the room at some of the others, I thought maybe I had went to fast and then took a break. The woman at the desk said "honey, you only have three hours." I looked at her and said "I am done, I just want to take a break." I took a break, went back to the test, went through it again and satisfied that I answered correctly, left. 

I recommend this course to anyone who is serious about passing the State Exam!

Thanks, Leslie C.


bullet Hi Jeff, Just called to to tell you I Passed my BROKERS State Exam last week, I'll recommend your school definitely. Thanks Again   Brad. B. in Southern California


bullet Dear Bryan and Jeff,

I have finished the streaming video course now and it was excellent!

Catherine E-K  from Colton Ca.


bullet Hi Jeff,

I want to tell you how happy I am with your online

course. The video streaming class was clear and easy

to use; I stayed in the comfort of my own home instead

of driving to a classroom. The materials provided

with the class were all I needed to study in order to

pass my salespersons state exam on my first try!

Thank you Jeff.

Paula     From Lincoln California


Hi Jeff:

I truly thought that the web streaming course was fantastic.  It was very easy to understand and follow and very self explanatory.  The teacher (Bryan) is great.  He made it fun and fast pace.  For sure I would recommended this course to anyone.

Thank you all again for being so kind and helpful.

Yida D. from Miami Florida


bullet Hi Jeff, I just wanted to let you know that I called for my test results this morning and I passed! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP!  Kim D  from Sacramento California


bullet Jeff, I have memorized all chapters on your cd up to 10 so far.  It has been the best tool  ever! I had tried the "home study" method and was so overwhelmed with the Real Estate Terminology.  I have several friends who have paid for the home study programs over the internet and such and still after many years have yet to take the principles test!  If I had not taken the Accredited Principles course and purchased the CD Rom Study Program.....I believe I would not have had a chance in passing the state exam.    Kim D.


bullet Dear Bryan, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent Real Estate principles course that I attended in August of this year, You kept the content interesting, easy to understand and fun. It really provides your students with every opportunity to pass the State's Examination the first time. Thanks again Bryan, Keep up the good work! Rob H.  International Marketing Unlimited


bullet Jeff, The Online Web Streaming Has Valuable Content for the Person who is Becoming a Real Estate Salesperson... As you said It's just like the being in the classroom and it's interactive. You have Something there. Keep it up! B.M. Sept


bullet To Bryan - I took your class, went through the CD Rom 3 times and PASSED the STATE EXAM the 1st time!!  The CD Rom, and your in-depth, anecdotal and upbeat style of instruction were invaluable. Thank you. J. A.


bullet Hey Jeff!! I Did it thanks to you! The first time I took the exam I did not take the time to study, but after you told me to study the Salesperson CD Exam Prep and get at least 80% to 85% correct on all the exams on the CD software that I would pass..

"YOU WERE RIGHT!"  Thanks Ben.

bullet I Went to your Organization for the LIVE Principles Course And I successfully Passed the State Exam! Thanks, Julie I.

It's Me..... Kathy P.   I did it!

bullet Hi Bryan I'm the Mary Kay Gal who's husband own Shell in Auburn He's selling Called your Friend Thanks! Already got 3 loans!! Yeah Baby! Your the Best I sent you Pam J. + one other person. FYI Keep me in mind!  Kathy P.


bullet Hey Jeff, "You did a great job putting together the CD-Rom for the Salesperson Preparation I used to PASS the State Exam the 1st Time!! I studied as you said to get at least 80% or higher on the CD and I would Pass as you said!!. I recommend the CD for everyone who is taking
bullet The Salesperson State Exam

Thanks Again for all your help.B.J

bullet "I would like to thank you all for the excellent instruction in Real Estate. Your Curriculum Perfectly matched the (STATE) Test. I felt very confident taking the Test. I passed it with out any Difficulty.  Thanks  Rita B.


bullet Student Survey: I loved the presentation by the teachers. They are animated, gregarious and extremely well versed in the subject, They made it interesting from beginning to end, Thanks!! :>)


.  I passed!!!  Thanksin large part to all of your efforts!  Never was I more prepared for a testthan this one! Thank You!   Let this card serve as a testimonial to yourschool and more importantly, you.   Your staff was so accommodating andsupportive that I knew I would pass!  The winning combination of classes,"cram session" and software will definitely provide the same resultsfor anybody!!  Again, many thanks!  Kyle K.  

Just to let you know that I passed!!!  For my real estate agent/sales license exam.  I took the classes and cram class and I studied-studied-studied like you said, in fact I copied all the questions you gave use 4 times. I took the exams four times and did the Exam in 53 minutes!.  Thank you for your help. Nicole B  "Just a note of Appreciation for your efforts as I sat in your live class. My skepticism regarding my ability to again be a student after many years simply vanished after a few minutes with you at the podium. Your skills shine through as a caring instructor as your rare ability to listen.

Hey "I did it!... Thanks for your guidance Hope all is well. I'm sure we will run into each other again.  Take care   Catherine L.

, I just wanted to Thank you for a really great class! I feel really ready for my career in Real Estate and excited about it too. Your enthusiasm in class really added to my own and helped push even harder with my own studies.  Thanks Again  "See you out there in the real world" Best Regards, Amy C.

  "I passed the State Exam"!! I previously studied with Anthony's Schools home course, but I found the 9 days of instruction with Bryan to be more informative and Expedient. Thanks to Bryan and Judy for their instruction and useful tips. Sincerely Elaine M.

 I am excited to tell you that your teaching was excellent!! I studied just as you said after class and passed on my first attempt and was out of there in about 1 1/2 hrs.  Now I am a new sales associate with Renaissance homes at Encore in Elk Grove.   Donald D.

Hi, Just wanted to drop a note to say "Thanks" The Schooling I received plus a lot of studying with the preparation material, really helped me get through the State Exam on the 1st try!!  Keep up the good work!  Julie B.

Are you a  Graduated Student from "Accelerated Real Estate Schools" with a Success Story of Passing The  State Exam!! Let us Know what Materials you used so we can tell future students. Contact us and We'll add you to Our Testimonial list!! Snail Mail or E-Mail us.


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