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Most frequently asked questions about our classes and courses. 

1.  When I order a home study/correspondence or internet streaming course over the internet, How do I take my exam? 1st you are issued a user name and password for your exam (s). You must be registered the minimum amount of time as per DRE. (Their are required times and durations from the dept of real estate which we have already put in the final examination server. When your time has passed and you are ready to take your exam the server unlocks your exam (s). and you can log on to take your exam. (It is highly recommended to read the procedure and disclosures).

2.   How long is my registration good for?   Your registration is only good for 1 year only. After 1 year you must re-register. (a $25.00 re-Registration fee is required for each course. You must wait the course time frame as per course before taking your exam (s).)

3.   After I complete my courses how soon do I receive my certificates? If you are taking multiple courses we usually wait until you have completed the last exam then we mail them them out the next business day. If you are taking only 1 course the certificate is mailed out the following business day.

4.  How long do I have to complete an Internet Streaming Course? You have ONE YEAR!!!!

Still Have Questions Please call: 800-721-0710

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Still Have a Question Please Call: 800-721-0710