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How to Use Pages That Require JavaScript

You need a JavaScript-capable browser.

Different versions of these browsers support different JavaScript code. For the best results, get the newest version which your computer can support.

You need to have a JavaScript-enabled browser.

If you have disabled Javascript then you will need to enable JavaScript. Many people disable JavaScript since there are so many pages with "time-wasting" or incompatible scripts. You can always disable it again when you are through using the page which sent you here.

About Your Browser

You already have JavaScript enabled and your browser supports JavaScript 1.2.


You need Java Script enabled to use site
Either your browser does not support JavaScript or you have disabled it. There are no security problems in using Java Script ( it has been specifically designed so that it cannot read or write to disk ) If your browser does not support JavaScript, you can upgrade to a FREE newer browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape ( follow the directions to Download )

Do you have JavaScript disabled ?
If so the good news is there's nothing to download! You already have JavaScript in your browser - all you need to do is enable it then reload the page you are viewing.

To enable JavaScript Internet Explorer
Click Tools, then click on Internet Options. Click the Security tab. Click the Custom Level button. Scroll to the Scripting section. Under Active scripting allow paste operations via script and Scripting of Java applets by checking the enable button. Click the OK button.

Select Preferences from the Edit menu Click on Advanced ( actually on Advanced itself - not the sub folders under it ) Make sure the box next to Enable JavaScript is checked

To Enable Java Script for Internet Explorer
  1. Open Internet Explorer Browser
  2. Select Tools from main menu
  3. Select Internet Options
  4. Click on Security Tab
  5. Choose Internet
  6. Under Internet click the Custom Level command button
  7. Select Scripting of Java Applets
  8. Choose Enable
  9. Click OK
10. Click Apply
11. Click OK
To Enable Java Script for Netscape Navigator
1. Open Netscape Browser
2. Choose Edit from main menu
3. Select Preferences
4. Check the "Enable Java Script for Navigator" check box
5. Click OK